November 25, 2012

the Johnson's...

enjoy the rest of your sneak peek HERE...

September 26, 2012

L in the Fall...

what a beautiful girl and a beautiful time of year! check out your sneak peek HERE!

September 13, 2012

Selling our House

We've decided to put our house up for sale. She's a beauty! If you or anyone you know is looking for a house have them give me a number's in the picture or it's listed on KSL.

September 5, 2012

Liam turns one...

this boy was not happy, teething, and clingy. however since he's such a cutie i was able to get some super cute shots of him today! danielle it was fun, don't even worry about it...check out the rest of your sneak peak HERE!

September 2, 2012

the wiley's...

our friends and neighbors the wiley's allowed me to take their family pictures today. it was fun.
to view more of this super cute family, click HERE....

August 28, 2012

aahhh. my little beauties, an update....

Well we've had some half birthdays going on at our house. Don't you celebrate half b-days too?
It of course called for some updated pics of the kids. I mean its been a whole six months since the last batch, not to mention the other randoms in between. Can I just say I love these new pictures!
sawyer 18 months
charly 3 1/2
 tthe kids are doing well and growing big, or small according to sawyers 18 month check up. poor kid is going to take after his mom and be short and charly is going to be tall like her dad. we'll see, he does have big feet so he's gotta grow into those someday!
sawyer is loving being a big kid now and being able to play, run, and jump like his sister. she's not always nice, but she's getting better at including him. he throws fits just like his sister and stomps his feet really really fast while saying, "no,(head shake) no!" it's hilarious for the time being. he also gave up his binky this week. the binky cutter came to our house and he hasn't even cried about it yet (three days later) I'm shocked, he was mega attached to that thing!
Charly is spunky as ever. she's very particular about the things she likes to do, but coloring is one of her favorites, along with jumping off the stairs onto the bean bag. she's still our little vegetarian who rarely touches meat. and loves salad. what 3 year old loves salad or asks to eat celery for a snack? i don't know, but she does. she also loves riding her trike and being with her grandparents. and she especially loves ice cream! asks to get it everyday. and some days boompa brings her ice cream special, she likes that best!

August 26, 2012

our summer vacation...

last week we took a week long adventure hitting fun locations like island park, yellowstone, jackson hole, and bear lake. it was such a fun week and we got to see A LOT of cool places and do a ton of fun things together!

August 13, 2012

cute crew...

today i got the pleasure of taking pictures of my cute new neighbor crew. i love his hair! hop on over HERE to see more of him!

July 25, 2012

my new nephew...

what a sweet baby! seriously so good for every picture! see more of him HERE

July 18, 2012

splash pad...

we haven't updated our blog in what feels like ages. probably because i haven't taken any pictures recently, and if i did they are on my phone and i'm too lazy to put them on the computer.
today we went to the splash pad. our first time this year. stacie and behr came with us so they could have some quality time together since the baby was born. yes she had her baby boy briggs. he's an exact replica of behr. super cute.
the splash pad left the kids with mixed emotions. charly had so much fun. sawyer and behr did not. oh well, you're first time is kinda scary. plus there were lots of unknown faces, that's even scarier! i had fun taking pictures of the kids though. mostly running away from the water...not into it.

their faces are priceless! i'm not going to apologize for there being so many pictures. it was a fun day. we finished with some macey's cones at the zone. delicious!